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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Gunotsav 2014 for primary Schools

Suthar Sangitaben 8 comments

Gunotsav 2014 for primary

Gunotsav may be  March in all Districts
Every Districts 20 % Schools are Selected for Gunotsav 2014
In Gunotsav- Standard 1 to 5 the oral Quastions of Reading,writing and Calculation
Standard 6 to 8 OMR Questions of Basic Syllabus 

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  1. Gujarat ni ghani school ma bhasha ane ss na shikshako j nathi to balko gunotsav ma kevi rite exam aapse. Jago sarkari babuo jago

  2. Shikshako ni ghat ne lidhe gunotsav flop jase

  3. Are yaar aaya aavi cment lakhvano koi arth j nathi.....sarkar cment nthi vachti k bhaveshbhai pn koi rply nthi plz chalo badha farithi gandhinagar...athva koi ni pase koi anya upay hoy to janavo

  4. Kale ss vala ye bharti karva mate Bhupendrsinh Chudasama ne aavedan patrol aapyu jo ss vala lucky hase to bharti aavse nahi to 2016 ma

  5. Sir, Maths / Sci. nu waiting list kyare mukawanu 6e?

  6. tyari kr bhai ghani bharti aave 6e shixak thi kasu no thay gujrati 6o to sinh banine aagl vadho modi Saheb lalu banave 6e tmne time no bagad bhai aagl vadho bhaio koina bharose no rhe ok bhaio

  7. nvra no beso bhai hardwork kro bhaio




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